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  • Bringing together

    Bringing together

    teams, concepts and technologies.

Data Integration

Without effectively integrating the vast pools of data produced by their practice, physicians have little chance in achieving their top-end potential clinically or financially.

Subsero Health understands to collect, read, integrate, understand and leverage healthcare data requires the union of a series of processes. Harnessing clinical, patient, claim, financial, and pharmacy data from just a technology perspective, often involves a myriad of systems with varied levels of sophistication, accessibility, transparency and quality. Systems designed decades ago prior to the advent of Big Data are still prevalent, and pulling data from them can range from merely difficult to downright arcane. On top of that, between payers, providers and patients, the opportunities to combine data sets can far exceed the willingness or ability of all parties to collaborate. Add to that the poor state of healthcare data integration tools, and you have quite a challenge to make sense of the healthcare puzzle.

Our team of skilled professionals understand the importance of creating the full picture of a practice’s data as a means for quicker and more effective advancements. By integrating teams, concepts, and technology, we retrieve the best data and leveraged it to gain significant clinical results, especially those related to MACRA’s value-based initiatives.