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Multi-Channeled Messaging

Trying to understand one’s place within today’s healthcare environment can often cause patients and clinicians a great deal of confusion. To find success, both sides must me given health information using the most effective methods available.

Subsero Health’s comprehensive education services present compelling messaging in innovative ways that assist patients to get a strong grasp upon their healthcare options and to, ultimately, make better healthcare choices. We create bespoke campaigns that can include website design, email and print ads campaigns, video production projects, promotional or educational events, integrated learning management system, and clinic location branding programs.

We have experience utilizing patient portals, email alerts, print ads, retail locations, websites, educational events, mobile apps, and SMS messaging. The goal of our multi-channel approach is to not only assist with our physicians’ MIPS scores, but to give our patients the health information they need to make the best decisions regarding their care.