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A main goal of Subsero is to give physicians control over the healthcare continuum, and one of the ways we are able to do that is to be an industry leader in creating potent Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

Over the past few years, physicians have completely lost control of healthcare, and most of them believe value-based care, or pay-for-performance models, are the main drivers of this change. They also believe the shift to value-based care is new, but when you look at it from a commercial perspective, Humana for example, or even an Aetna, Blue Cross, or some of the other insurance companies, all of these companies have had a pay-for-performance model, specifically on the Medicare HMO side.

Value-based care is nothing new. It’s just evolved to the point where the federal government now has to get involved, hence we have ACOs which essentially look like a Medicare HMO. Most importantly, the ACO models that the federal government has proposed essentially make them HMOs, except they are controlled by physicians. When physicians realize that important distinction, that they have the ability and the power to take control of the healthcare continuum within the ACO model, and it’s going to be a pretty powerful thing. We at Subsero Health look forward to partnering with forward-thinking physicians to create the most successful ACOs in our industry.

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