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RCM and Operations

Revenue cycle starts with the patient’s arrival, or calling your office to set an appointment, all the way through the process of electronic remittance advice posting for the patient.

Increasing patient financial responsibility coupled with pressure to improve overall revenue cycle efficiency has prompted many physicians to revisit and rethink their current operations. Subsero Health’s experienced staff can assess any organization’s financial pain points and create an effective plan of action to remediate those areas.

When Subsero Health works within this area, we commonly find revenue gaps that are not readily apparent to a clinic. We often locate lost revenue opportunities where a provider is administrating a service and not capturing it, and not getting paid for it. We also find other areas that either are a waste of expense with regards to purchasing, staff overtime or staff that needs to be reappropriated into different workflows. Additionally, we focus upon practice efficiency from the provider perspective with regards to the utilization of their system, or systems, that could help them see more patients or extract more revenue per patient. A common theme that we find is physicians not managing their no shows well, so again, that’s lost revenue. If you have a blank spot in your schedule, and you are losing that potential revenue. Finally, collecting money at the time of service is crucial, so we implement tools to help a physician’s staff to be able to actively collect money at the time of service.