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Understanding the “Why” of Value-Based Care

Inita Bedi, Managing Partner, Subsero Health

The traditional approach to fee-for-service healthcare reimbursements is losing it grip upon physicians, and it’s being replaced by more innovative value-based care models.

In order to incentivize this transition away from fee-for-service approaches, federal officials have proposed several reimbursement programs that reward healthcare providers for providing better care for individuals, improving population health management strategies, and reducing healthcare costs.

While these new goals seem logical, many front-line healthcare workers do not fully understand what they will mean to their day-to-day workflows and planning.

To learn more about the “why” of value-based care, I spoke with Inita Bedi, Managing Partner, Subsero Health. She outlined:

  • The need to educate doctors, administrators, front-desk staff, patients on the concepts of value-based care;
  • Global costs vs. individual costs;
  • How the choices of an individual will impact many people; and
  • The need to eliminate waste and incur only necessary costs.



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